tend your garden

Tend Your Garden: Yield Results

Do you tend your garden?

As I take my energetic, fun-loving puppy to the neighborhood park (40 acres of green space) each day, I am struck by the effort of one neighbor as he tends his garden. Skin tanned and leathered from daily exposure to the unprotected rays, this devoted lover of the earth lovingly scouts for invasive insects and signs of destruction that might, if left untended, completely destroy his bounty.

Sure, there are other vegetable gardens scattered throughout the sun-soaking yards in our suburban sprawl. However, none seem to yield the lush fruits of ones’ labors the way this particular garden does. The pole beans must be seven feet tall. The tomato plants, varying by type, are lush, full, and bursting with fruit. The dense heads of lettuce are so inviting. Certainly, this is why Peter risked it all to sample Mr. MacGregor’s wares.

Happy families, growing, successful businesses, individuals with shoulders back and head held high — these are all by-products of a garden that has been well-tended. Parents-to-be read everything they can get their hands on about pregnancy, the care and handling of the precious life they are about to nurture and nourish and seek out knowledge as if building an empire.

Business owners, the kind that can define success for themselves based on values,  those who seek to grow and prosper and engage and give back to their community – these people are the ones that spend a significant amount of time “tending their garden.” They know it’s not just about throwing a few seeds into the wind; it’s about careful planning, tilling the soil, preparing the foundation, hand selecting the right location, identifying the appropriate resources, declaring a desired outcome and staying true to the core of what the business is all about. Of course, sometimes, there are situations out of our control; natural disasters, the behavior of others, economic extremes. Keep in mind, with the right preparation and business planning, a flourishing garden won’t be completely destroyed in the wake of disaster. Proper tending will yield results.

Left untended, my neighbor’s garden would be a royal feast for the various bugs and wildlife that make their home amidst our pleasures. Because he plans and cares and knows what he wants, his efforts are rewarded. I find myself just a bit envious. I want to know him better – then, surely he would share with me.