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Everyone Loves a Good Story!

Brand marketing communications should not feel like the Loch Ness Monster. Whether you own a company, run a non-profit and lead a team, you want to cultivate a “personality” through branding.

And every brand should have one to tell — a story, that is. Your business “brand” is how others perceive your company or organization.  Does your story have a message? A personality?  What are you trying to say?

We offer companies the expertise of a full-service communications agency but without the staff commitment, overhead and expense of a traditional agency relationship.

Founded by Roz and Richard Keith, MindSeedCreative brings together experienced, talented people and your brand. Whether you’re a firm that’s struggling to manage project work and numerous suppliers, a corporation that needs to define its brands more sharply or a new business that needs branding in a hurry, you need to manage resources effectively and efficiently.  MindSeedCreative is a resource that can support, protect and grow your brand.

Michigan companies are our specialty.  We love to support local businesses, organizations and professional practices such as law firms, dental and orthodontic practices and financial wealth management businesses.

Think Outside the Brand!